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Ganga Dusshara – 6

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Today I wanna talk about the relation between Indians and Maa Ganga. My readers during the last 5 blogs must have realised that Indians have been closely related to Ganga and they not only feel that relation but live it.

Ganga is ‘Maa’ to all the Indians. She is the mother. Like a mother, She takes care of people living on Her banks. She gives them water for irrigation and drinking. She gives them new life.

The story of Bhagirath, in our Puranas, tells us that he got the Ganga down to the plains for his ancestors and to get them back to life. His ancestors were burnt to ashes by the curse of Rishi Kapil. And he had also said that they would be brought back to life when Ganga flows over their ashes. Leaving the story of faith as it is, let us also understand the rationale behind…

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    1. My pleasure….. I liked his all stories about Maa Ganga.
      Amit da is choose the best topic for view his intelligence…. It’s fantastic


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