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Get to know me.



I found some interesting questions online which I think will let my readers know more about me because my About page doesn’t really say a lot. Although a few of you may know me a little, these questions may allow you to know me better.

  1. Who is your favorite musician from the 20thcentury?

Ans: Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Eminem, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Nirvana. And the list goes on, I cannot choose!

2. When and where were you born?

Ans: I was born in Mumbai, on 25th March,2002.

3. Do you love animals, if yes then which one you love the most?

Ans: Yes, I absolutely love animals and my favorite have to be Cats and Dogs. I have two pet cats.

4. Do you want to have a business?

Ans: In fact, when I was younger all I wanted…

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Peoples, Blogging

Two liner challenge


My random drawing:flowers
My random drawing😀

Hey friends,

Here is a two-liner challenge for you.


Seeing the above picture, you can say any two line quote in English or Hindi. You can write in comments or create a post and put link in comments.

Time limit: 17 March upto 12 pm

I will share the best 5 lines in my next post.

Best of luck!

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