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Stop Searching Your Purpose, Here Is It


I will die one day, then why I am doing what everyone is doing. What is my purpose here… Do these thoughts haunt you when you sit alone or in night?

These thoughts come to every one of us at one time or other. But what is the answer?

Everyone of us is trying to find out the answer. I too was finding an answer to this question eagerly. After looking and understanding so many ideas I cannot fully agree. Some say that living happily is your purpose. We always run after wealth and happiness.

But there was something that can answer this. I am a great fan of poetry and qawwali( devotional music) and it has answered many of my questions. It helps me to have a different perspective of life. Then I came across a qawwali by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab : “Othe Amla te hone…

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The journey of music and why it matters to us


Note:Whenever I write any descriptive article, I want to properly convey my message to you. I have seen that people do not click to the links I have provided but still like the article. But this does not make me satisfied. Likes and comments does not mean to me if my message is not properly conveyed to you. The links show the amazing thoughts of other people about the topic I am writing. I can also add their thoughts in my own way but because others have described that in a beautiful way I do not want to do that.Ifyouareinterested about the topic, you can check other great sources I have linked.

Music has always been an important part of our lives. Be it any celebration or family time, we need music. Think of your life without music. It is not wrong to say that life will be meaningless…

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