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Students Strike for Environment

An extraordinary day of action on 15 February saw thousands of young people skip school and take to the streets to voice their angerand frustration at the failor of the government and older generation to tackle climate change. In London, thousands gathered in Parliament square, but soon the crowd started to move, in a spontaneous… Continue reading Students Strike for Environment

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Rethinking Infidelity

Think Liberal

It was a Saturday night and we decided to meet at one of our friends’ place. We were watching TV when suddenly Alex came in and said he wanted to talk something serious. He confessed that he was having an affair with his office colleague and now his wife knows it and wants to leave him. So I asked, “Do you love your wife or your colleague?” For my surprise he said, “I love my wife.” My immediate question to him was, “then why were you having an affair with your colleague?” He said that it was purely physical and that even she was married and that was physical on her part as well. I questioned him, “If you were sexually dissatisfied or if you wish to have more sexual pleasure then why didn’t you discuss these things with your wife?” With anger he yelled, “What should I discuss?” I…

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