He’s Still Working

Love & Loss: Living in Between

God’s not done with you

Even with your broken heart and your wounds and your scars

God’s not done with you

Even when you’re lost and it’s hard and you’ve fallen apart

God’s not done with you

It’s not over, it’s only begun

So don’t hide, don’t run

‘Cause God’s not done

With you, you.

Tauren Wells – “God’s Not Done With You

I was driving home from work Friday and the song above came on my playlist. Surely, I have heard the song dozens of times between my playlist and the radio. Additionally, my eldest absolutely loves the song and wants to sing it as a special for church, so I hear her practicing as well. I hear the song quite a bit. Friday, however, the song moved me to tears. Placing the song on repeat, the lyrics seeped into my heart and soul. Perhaps because in…

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