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Love & Loss: Living in Between

Just what is a blessing?

This past Tuesday, while teaching a wonderful group tweens, I asked the question: In your own words, what is a blessing? (After giving the definition: God’s favor and protection; something that brings wellbeing; mercy – thank you, Pentecostal Publishing House) I was met with words/phrases like: God’s grace, God’s favor, God’s safety. I had to think. Just how would I define blessing in my own words? Is there anything else I could say? The kids said it quite well. We moved into “What is a blessing in your life?” The majority of the class was boys, tween boys, so I wasn’t surprised to hear food. Lots of food items –which nearly destroyed me because I was starving! However, those kiddos were on it! Reminding me of some things.

It is a blessing to have your own room, when you have shared…

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