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The Viral Poem

After a long time, I tried to write something good for you. In the period of this epidemic, the entire world is affected by the novel Coronavirus. Celebreties, Actors, Cricketers, Senior Citizens are spreading awareness about this epidemic in many ways. In this era, everyone is making people aware of the COVID-19 epidemic on the… Continue reading The Viral Poem


A Brief History Of The Web…

Only twenty years after its invention, the World Wide Web has become commonplace and has fundamentally changed the way we work, live, and interact with others. However, the medium is in many ways still in its infancy, and as you progress in learning about designing Web pages, you will encounter many significant limitations primarily because… Continue reading A Brief History Of The Web…

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The business of web design

There is an interlocking relationship between the budget of a site and its scope and timeline. A change in one element will affect at least one of the others. If you are freelance web designer, you may be dealing with a client directly; if you are working in an organization, the “client” might be a… Continue reading The business of web design

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Students Strike for Environment

An extraordinary day of action on 15 February saw thousands of young people skip school and take to the streets to voice their angerand frustration at the failor of the government and older generation to tackle climate change. In London, thousands gathered in Parliament square, but soon the crowd started to move, in a spontaneous… Continue reading Students Strike for Environment

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Condition of a Toothpaste

Hello friends, Aaj mai aap sbhi ke liye ek chhota sa satire lekar aaya hu. Pasand aaye to like, comment and share krna na bhulein. Kisi-kisi nhi jyaadaatar gharon mein kya hota hai ki jab toothpaste khatm hone par aata hai to bechaare toothpaste ki aafat aa jaati hai. Bechaara toothpaste bachaao-2 bhi nhi cheekh… Continue reading Condition of a Toothpaste